Sydney: Opera House Tour with Meal and Drink

An Unforgettable Experience of Culture, Cuisine, and Cocktails

Enjoy the stunning view of the Sydney Opera House at dusk with a beautifully set dining table and elegant drinks in a luxurious atmosphere.Introduction

Welcome to one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, the Sydney Opera House. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, exploring this architectural wonder with a guided tour, followed by a delightful meal and drink, offers an unforgettable experience. Let’s dive into the details and plan your perfect day at the Sydney Opera House.

Overview of the Sydney Opera House

History and Significance

The Sydney Opera House, completed in 1973, is not just a performing arts center but a symbol of Australia. Designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon, it represents a masterpiece of 20th-century architecture and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2007. The Opera House stands as a testament to human creativity and innovation.

Architectural Marvel

The unique shell-like design of the Opera House is both its defining feature and an engineering marvel. It consists of a series of large precast concrete “shells,” each composed of sections of a sphere. This design was revolutionary at the time and remains an iconic example of modernist architecture.

The Sydney Opera House Tour

Guided Tours

Exploring the Opera House through a guided tour is a fantastic way to understand its history, architecture, and cultural significance.

Types of Tours Available

Several tour options are available, catering to different interests and schedules. The most popular ones include the Standard Guided Tour, the Backstage Tour, and the Architectural Tour. Each offers a unique perspective on the Opera House, from its design to its daily operations.

What to Expect on the Tour

On the Standard Guided Tour, you can expect a comprehensive overview of the Opera House, including its history, construction, and role in the arts. You’ll get to see the Concert Hall, the Joan Sutherland Theatre, and other performance spaces.

Behind-the-Scenes Experience

For those looking for an exclusive experience, the Backstage Tour offers a rare glimpse into the behind-the-scenes workings of the Opera House. You’ll visit areas usually off-limits to the public, such as dressing rooms and rehearsal spaces, and learn about the technical aspects of staging performances.

Accessibility and Tour Times

The Sydney Opera House is committed to accessibility, offering tours in multiple languages and providing services for visitors with disabilities. Tours run throughout the day, but it’s best to book in advance to secure your preferred time slot.

Dining at the Opera House

Restaurants and Cafes

The Opera House is home to some of Sydney’s finest dining establishments. Whether you want a quick bite or a gourmet meal, there’s something to suit every palate.

Bennelong Restaurant

Located within the Opera House, Bennelong offers a fine dining experience with stunning views of Sydney Harbour. The menu celebrates Australian produce, with dishes crafted by renowned chef Peter Gilmore.

Opera Bar

For a more casual dining experience, head to Opera Bar. This lively venue offers a range of delicious dishes and drinks, along with unbeatable views of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House sails.

Menu Highlights

Both Bennelong and Opera Bar boast menus that highlight the best of Australian cuisine. Expect to find fresh seafood, locally sourced meats, and an array of vegetarian options. Signature dishes include Bennelong’s pavlova and Opera Bar’s seafood platter.

Enjoying a Drink

Beverage Options

From classic cocktails to fine wines and craft beers, the Opera House’s bars offer a diverse range of beverages. Whether you’re toasting to a special occasion or just enjoying a leisurely drink, there’s something to suit every taste.

Best Spots for a Drink

The Opera Bar is the prime location for enjoying a drink with a view. Alternatively, the Bennelong Bar offers a more intimate setting with a curated selection of wines and spirits.

Combined Experience: Tour, Meal, and Drink

Packages and Deals

To make the most of your visit, consider booking a package that combines a tour, meal, and drink. These packages offer excellent value and ensure you experience all the highlights of the Opera House.

What’s Included

A typical package might include a guided tour, a three-course meal at Bennelong, and a drink at the Opera Bar. Some packages also offer additional perks, such as priority seating or exclusive access to certain areas.

Booking Your Experience

It’s easy to book your combined experience online through the Sydney Opera House website. Be sure to check for seasonal offers and discounts to get the best deal.

Tips for Making the Most of Your Visit

Best Times to Visit

The Opera House is a year-round destination, but visiting during the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) can offer more pleasant weather and fewer crowds. Early morning or late afternoon tours are ideal for avoiding the peak tourist times.

Dress Code and Etiquette

While there is no strict dress code, smart casual attire is recommended, especially if you’re dining at Bennelong. Comfortable shoes are a must, as the tours involve quite a bit of walking.


A visit to the Sydney Opera House is more than just a sightseeing trip; it’s an immersive experience that combines history, culture, architecture, and culinary delights. By taking a guided tour, enjoying a meal, and sipping a drink with a view, you’ll create memories that last a lifetime. Don’t forget to book your combined package in advance to make the most of this iconic destination.


1. What is the best tour to take at the Sydney Opera House?

The Standard Guided Tour is perfect for first-time visitors, offering a comprehensive overview of the Opera House’s history and architecture. For a more exclusive experience, the Backstage Tour is highly recommended.

2. Can I visit the Sydney Opera House without taking a tour?

Yes, you can explore the exterior and public areas of the Opera House without a tour, but guided tours provide valuable insights and access to restricted areas.

3. Are there vegetarian options available at the Opera House restaurants?

Absolutely! Both Bennelong and Opera Bar offer a variety of vegetarian dishes, crafted with the finest local ingredients.

4. How long does a typical tour of the Opera House last?

Most guided tours last around one hour, but the duration can vary depending on the type of tour and the level of detail provided.

5. Is it necessary to book dining reservations in advance?

While it’s not mandatory, booking in advance is highly recommended, especially for Bennelong, which is very popular and often fully booked.

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