10 Best Places to Visit in Cyprus

The pretty island of Cyprus sits in the far east part of the Mediterranean Sea. Next to Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Greece, this always-appealing island is described by a loved Cypriot poet as a “golden green leaf thrown into the sea.” Cyprus has many attractions, including warm weather, stunning beaches, lively cities, cute villages, and breathtaking mountain ranges.

Whether you’re looking to learn history or enjoy the relaxed vibe of island life, Cyprus offers an ideal vacation spot. This detailed guide will show the top 10 places to visit in Cyprus that make sure an unforgettable travel experience.

1. Learn History at Famagusta

First on the list is Famagusta, a city with a beautiful mix of old echoes and captivating coastal views. Othello’s Tower, a Venetian masterpiece, tells tales of ancient times while offering awe-inspiring views. The Ruins of Salamis’ intricate mosaics and weathered columns give a peek into a past civilization.

Visit the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, a stunning showcase of Gothic and Ottoman architecture.

“Discover the mysterious ghost town of Varosha, frozen in time, and enjoy delightful meals at a charming taverna.”

2. Amazing Aphrodite

A trip into Aphrodite is a quest into a world where beauty, captivating myths, and timeless stories meet. Pathos, a legendary archaeological site, and Aphrodite’s rock— believed to be the birthplace of the goddess of love— are must explores.

Embrace the legend of eternal youth at the calm Baths of Aphrodite, inside the Ukamas peninsula, and enjoy the unique flavors of the local cuisine at seaside tavernas.

3. Harmony at Nicosia

Nicosia offers harmony between history and modernity, creating contrasting yet interesting views. The city offers everything from charming boutiques to cafes, lively markets, and a meaningful symbol of division—The Green Line. As night falls, Nicosia turns cultural, with theatres and music venues coming to life.

4. Picturesque Protaris

Protaris is a sun-kissed haven on Cyprus’s eastern coastline where calm waters meet golden sands. Enjoy both water sports and sunbathing on Fig Tree Bay Beach, and sample tasty Cypriot cuisine by night, with Protaris’s vibrant nightlife around you.

5. Historic Kirania

Uncover the stories of triumph and toughness as you explore the beautiful landscapes of Kirania. Kirania Castle, Shipwreck Museum, and Bella Pais Abbey are major historical sites to uncover.

“Don’t forget to enjoy local flavors at the seaside tavernas and drink in the stunning coastal views.”

6. Real Lefkara

Experience the charm and culture of this picturesque Cypriot village. The cobblestone streets, charming stone houses, and traditional lacework bring up a different time. Explore the Lace and Silverware Museum and see the church’s frescoes that tell stories of devotion and spirituality.

7. Alpine Adventure in Trudos

Hike through sensory-rich pine forests, find hidden waterfalls, and see the panoramic views from the island’s highest peak, Mount Olympus. Together with delightful local cuisine, a trip to Trudos makes sure a unique alpine adventure.

8. Sunny Ayannapa

Ayannapa offers a mix of sun-soaked relaxation and lively entertainment. Nisi Beach, a perfect spot for water sports and water explorations, is an irresistible invitation for vacationers.

9. Lively Lee Mussel

A city that seamlessly mixes contemporary allure with timeless coastal beauty, Lee Mussel is an absolute delight to explore. Besides enjoying the city’s rich historical and culinary experiences, a visit to Lee Mussel Castle and Lee Mussel Archaeological Museum is also a must.

10. Unforgettable Paphos

Enchanting Paphos promises an unforgettable trip with its joyful climate, diverse natural beauty, and wealth of ancient sites, making it a great exploration for travelers of all ages.

Join us on this fascinating trip, exploring the 10 best places to visit in Cyprus. Visit Scenic Hunter for more details and don’t forget to subscribe for more exciting trips. Until then, happy travels!

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